Your deacons are here to serve you.

Never hesitate to call us- 

The Deacons normally meet monthly to discuss church problems, please bring any problems or solutions you feel will promote God and our church to your deacon for discussion. If you know of others needing help do not hesitate to contact any deacon.

Your list of Active Deacons-

Brian Wade- 912-687-2641

Blaine Olmstead- 912-484-0677

Doug Deloach- 912-682-8222

Stacy Underwood- 912-531-0697

Ronnie Newton- 912-6826552

Andy Colson- 912-539-2668

Shane Stewart- 912-531-4004

Bethel Missionary Baptist

5820 Westside Road

Statesboro, Georgia 30458

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